Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike honoured by Atlanta City Council

Atlanta declared today Killer Mike Render Day

Killer Mike of rap duo Run The Jewels was awarded his own day today by Atlanta City Council.

The rapper was honoured in a ceremony by City Councilman Andre Dickens, for his roles as a musician, activist and businessman as owner of local barber shop Swag Shop. He was also thanked for acting as an informal ambassador for the city of Atlanta.

The day was officially crowned Killer Mike Render Day, in reference to the rapper’s real name Michael Render. The name Michael Render has also been attached to an $11.6 million tunnel-boring machine, which will be used to dig a new reservoir in Atlanta.

Watch footage of Killer Mike’s ceremony below.

Run The Jewels officially released their latest album ‘RTJ3’ earlier this year, after an earlier, surprise digital drop on Christmas Day last year. They also recently dedicated their Glastonbury set to Killer Mike’s mother, who passed away last month.

After RTJ vowed to play Glastonbury in spite of the bad news, Mike honoured his mother and dedicated their main stage set to her. The group were also honoured Jeremy Corbyn, who later introduced the group ahead of their Pyramid Stage appearance.

“I’m doing this show today for you girl,” Mike wrote on Instagram in a note to his mother. “‘You gotta grind Michael. Don’t let no nigga front u shit. Be a man’. Your voice and those words Never ever leave me. I am haunted in the best way by your drive to not be a sucker for anyone. I love you girl. I miss you. I adore you.”