Johnny Depp reveals he is a fan of Run The Jewels

Actor discusses rap duo in new interview

Actor Johnny Depp has discussed his love of rap duo Run The Jewels.

Depp was speaking to Chideo ahead of the Grammy Awards this evening when he spoke about the hip-hop pairing of Killer Mike and El-P.

“It’s brilliant musically, it’s brilliant sonically, but the lyrics have a way of touching kids and making people think,” Depp said. “Making people think about the day-to-day, and making people think about, ‘Hey, it’s just as easy to do something good as it is to do something bad’.”


“It’s time really now in the world, really now, because it’s getting more and more unpleasant out there, it’s important now to pay attention to the generations coming up and to salute them and teach them the best that we can.”

He continued: “Run the Jewels is probably the best stuff I’ve listened to as of late. And there’s a message, which is good.”

Killer Mike recently posted a clip of Run The Jewels listening to music in an Instagram post tagged #RTJ3, hinting at an early taste of the rap duo’s third album.

El-P also uploaded a snippet of new music to his Instagram account in December, with the audio clip accompanied by the comment “RTJ3 is just getting started”.

Run The Jewels released their self-titled debut in 2013, following it with ‘Run The Jewels 2’ in 2014 and remix album ‘Meow The Jewels’.

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