Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike interviews presidential candidate Bernie Sanders – watch

Killer Mike is a known fan of democrat hopeful Sanders

Run The Jewels man Killer Mike has followed up his public support of Bernie Sanders over recent weeks by releasing an hour-long interview with the democratic presidential hopeful.

The six-part, hour-long discussion is divided into sections and posted on Killer Mike’s YouTube channel. The sections deal with various aspects of Sanders’ politics, and are entitled Economic Freedom, Social Justice, Rigged Economy, Free Health Care: It Ain’t A Big Deal, This Country Was Started As An Act of Political Protest, and Democrats Will Win When People Vote.

The chat sees both parties highly engaged in the discussion, and largely (but certainly not exclusively) agreeing on a host of social-leaning positions. The conversation takes place at Killer Mike’s barber shop The SWAG Shop.


Watch the six videos in a single playlist via YouTube, below, or click through to Killer Mike’s channel to view the individual sections:

Back in June, Killer Mike suggested that he might have a future in politics himself, even suggesting he’d have run in Georgia this year had it not been for being too slow off the mark in registering.

“The reason why I did it, besides the fact that I think politicians need to understand that people from the regular constituencies are willing to run against them, I wanted to make people aware that the election was even happening,” he said.

Killer Mike added: “The guy Tyrone Brooks, who used to hold the seat, got involved with some sticky business with donations and charities and that type of thing, so the seat is wide open. There are a few decent candidates that people should look into and they should get out and vote. A lot of times elections are lost and the hope of the public is lost because they don’t turn out. So if I, as a celebrity, can get people to pay attention to the fact that there is a vote going on period, then my job is done.”

He also posted a video stating that he intends to run for the US House Of Representatives in the future.