Banksy speaks to Run The Jewels about crying, Kanye, and being nice

The hip-hop duo will play Banksy's pop-up theme park Dismaland in September

Banksy’s pop-up theme park Dismaland opens next week, and will play host to a number of performers over the coming weeks, including Run The Jewels on September 4.

From late August until late September there will be both performances from musicians including Sleaford Mods, Savages, Kate Tempest and Pussy Riot, and from comedians Katherine Ryan, Simon Munnery and Jarred Christmas.

In anticipation of the park’s opening next week, Banksy spoke to El-P and Killer Mike of Run The Jewels in an interview facilitated by The Guardian.

Asked whether they thought Kanye had any competition when he described himself as the greatest rock star in the world, El-P replied, “Absolutely not,” while Killer Mike said, “Rihanna is the new Tupac… Ri-Ri rules in my book.”

Banksy questioned whether it was more important to be thought of as a great artist or a nice person. Killer Mike replied, “I believe being honourable lasts longer than rapping good,” while El-P said, “I don’t get paid to be a nice guy, I just try to be one.”

Banksy also commented that the speech Killer Mike had made following the Ferguson verdict had made him cry. El-P revealed in turn that he “wept like a baby” when he saw a YouTube video about a fully grown lion greeting his former carers.

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