Killer Mike says Run The Jewels spent most of their time ‘high as a kite’ while making new album

'RTJ2' was released earlier this year and features in NME's Top 50 albums of the year

Run The Jewels rapper Killer Mike has said that the duo’s new album ‘RTJ2’ was recorded while he and El-P were “high as a kite”

The US rap pair duo released their latest album in November. The album features in NME’s Top 50 Albums of The Year.

Speaking in this week’s issue of NME, on newsstands and available digitally now, Killer Mike and El-P talk about the condition they were in while making the album as well as discussing the album’s most high profile guest; Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha.

“Most of the time we were high as a kite, drinking and taking mushrooms,” said Killer Mike, “So absurdity ruled.” Asked if he felt like he and El-P were upping each other’s ante in the studio, he agreed. “In an age where people emulate the fashionable style, we take pride in being style benders.”

Meanwhile, El-P praised de la Rocha for recording his guest spot on the song “with minimal fuss”. “I bumped into Zack on the way to the studio while getting a juice. Two days later he was in the studio with us recording. It was one take. No bullshit.”

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