Run The Jewels: ‘We’re being told to shut the fuck up on a national scale’

Killer Mike says he understands NWA's angst on a "different level"

Killer Mike and El-P have discussed what it’s like to release the new Run The Jewels album during such a period of political unrest in America.

Run The Jewels release ‘Run The Jewels 2’ next week, their second full-length collaboration following their 2012 debut. Following recent appearances on Fox News and CNN discussing the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, Killer Mike speaks to NME about the current political crisis in the US and how their album relates to what has been going on.

Speaking to NME in this weeks new issue, which is available now on newsstands and digitally, the rapper said: “Repping the shit that we rep and the way that we do isn’t grandiose because this is what rap is supposed to do. We’re being told to shut the fuck up on a national scale”.


“When we were young, it was Broward County telling us to shut the fuck up and now it’s the federal government… And this record says no.”

Mike also discusses how their new album is a direct descendant of NWA‘s music, but during a different time.

“They said ‘fuck tha police’. They wore black. They scared people. But NWA said ‘fuck tha police’ in a time where it was actually thrilling… It was during a time where the police were beating the shit out of me and I don’t mean socially – I mean they caught me and beat my fucking ass so, you know, I understood [NWA’s] angst on a different level.”

El-P, meanwhile, describes the sound of ‘RTJ2’ as “meaner, darker, more pointed”.

Rage Against The Machine‘s Zack de la Rocha is among the guest stars on the album, featuring on recent track ‘Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)’.