Run The Jewels’ El-P shares rejected ‘Blade Runner 2049’ score

"I was honoured to even be thought of," the rapper and producer noted about initially being asked to soundtrack the film's trailer

Run The Jewels‘ El-P has shared a section of the demo score he wrote for the Blade Runner 2049 trailer which was ultimately rejected by the film’s producers – check it out below.

Denis Villeneuve’s long-awaited sequel to 1982’s Blade Runner was released last October to rave reviews. The film starred the likes of Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and Ana de Armas, while Hans Zimmer served as one of the composers of Blade Runner 2049‘s score.

After previously revealing back in September that he’d been approached by producers to score the film’s trailer, El-P has now shared his “rejected (or ignored)” score for Blade Runner 2049‘s official preview clip – check it out below.


as i get closer and closer to being able to announce the film score i’m doing this year, i thought it might be nice to finally throw out this little piece. its what i put together for the blade runner 2 trailer when they called on me.

Writing in the track’s accompanying notes, El-P said he was “honoured to even be thought of” by the producers.

“Almost every sound apart from percussion was created on the same type of synth Vangelis used for the original Blade Runner score. It’s unmixed as I only had about 2 days to whip it together and send over.”

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