Run The Jewels’ El-P to stop wearing red hats because of Donald Trump

The rapper and producer says the colour is now "a trigger for stress and fear"

Run The Jewels‘ El-P has vowed to stop wearing red hats following Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential election.

The rapper and producer has been a vocal critic of the now President-elect, and in the wake of Trump’s victory last Tuesday (November 8), he declared that he would stop wearing red-coloured hats as they bear a resemblance to the ‘Make America Great’ again caps that were a key visual part of the Republican’s campaign.

Pitchfork reports that, in a series of now-deleted tweets, El-P reasoned that the ‘Make America Great Again’ hats that became synonymous with Trump’s run to The White House now meant that any red hat could become “a trigger for stress and fear.”


“Red hat thing is no joke. Few white friends told me about realizing POC/women seeming nervous around them and it dawning on them: red hat,” he tweeted. “So yeah, red hats out. Small as it is, it’s become a trigger for stress and fear and a sign of ideals I don’t wanna rep even from a distance.”

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In other tweets, the 41-year-old spoke about his recent donation to Planned Parenthood, as well as the reaction he expects from fans and critics when Run The Jewels release their third album. “I know when we drop RTJ3 everyone is gonna assume it’s an election reaction, despite 100% being written before the election.”

El-P has now made his Twitter account private.

Run The Jewels released a new song in the wake of the election result last week. The Boots-featuring ‘2100’ was shared by the duo as “it felt right” to release the track, given the current political climate.




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