Run The Jewels to play ‘RTJ4’ in full at voter registration concert

'Holy CalamaVote' is being presented by Adult Swim and Ben & Jerry's

Run The Jewels are set to play their new album ‘RTJ4’ in full at a voter registration concert.

Killer Mike and El-P will host ‘Holy CalamaVote’ (a pun on the ‘RTJ4’ track ‘Holy Calamafuck’), on TV and online on October 10.

The performance will stream on Adult Swim’s website and TV channel at midnight Eastern Time (5am in the UK), and be available on the platform’s YouTube channel after the initial airing. Fans will be encouraged to donate to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) during the broadcast.


“We’re proud to be a part of this initiative to encourage and enable voting and can’t wait to finally perform our album RTJ4,” the duo said in a statement. “This will be fun.”

Ben & Jerry’s, the ice cream manufacturer who have been lauded for their pro-Black Lives Matter messaging during worldwide protests this summer, are also involved in the livestreamed gig.

In a statement, the company’s US Activism Manager Jabari Paul said: “With people marching in the streets around our country, it couldn’t be more clear that justice is on the ballot this November.

“Young people are the single largest block of voters, and if they turn out at the same rate as their parents, they have the power to hold elected officials accountable on issues like policing and public safety, climate change, education, jobs and the economy. That’s why we are proud that Run the Jewels is helping spread that word and we’re pleased to be working with Adult Swim to make this exciting night happen.”


Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike was recently criticised for meeting with Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who was accused of voter fraud and suppression in the past.

When a Twitter user accused Mike of giving “the Trump-loving governor a photo op,” the rapper replied: “Well my 86 yr old Aunt who actually risked her life in B Ham and Selma was proud and called me courageous. Umma lean into that cuz she did the work.”

Pearl Jam also recently encouraged fans to vote by mail in the upcoming US General Election. As part of their campaigning, frontman Eddie Vedder joined Instagram to teach fans how to vote by mail, while the band also launched a voting sweepstake in which fans could win prizes such as a day hanging out with the band in their hometown of Seattle.

Run The Jewels’ ‘RTJ4’ came out in June. A five-star NME review of the album called it “a modern protest classic and their best work yet”.