Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins join Rush onstage at Rock And Roll Hall of Fame

Public Enemy, Heart, Randy Newman, and the late Albert King and Donna Summer were inducted yesterday

Rush, Public Enemy, Heart, Randy Newman, and the late Albert King and Donna Summer were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame last night (April 18) in Los Angeles.

Foo Fighters‘ Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins took to the stage to induct Rush to the sound of whooping and yelling fans. “When the fuck did Rush become cool?!” Grohl joked in his speech to huge cheers. “Who let the fucking drummer write the lyrics?! Rush did. Makes no sense!” said Hawkins. “Rush broke all the rules, but isn’t that what rock and roll’s all about!”

At the end of the ceremony, an all-star musical finale included Chuck D, John Fogerty, Tom Morello, Chris Cornell, Gary Clark Jr and Heart, performing ‘Crossroads’.

Earlier in the evening, film director Spike Lee inducted Public Enemy alongside Harry Belafonte. “In 1986, these young men came along to radically change everything about the emerging American musical force called rap music,” said Belafonte. “They have become some of the most influential artists in the world.”

“I wanna thank you for all of the years of writing good records… you’ve been the motor man,” said Flavor Flav to Chuck D, before referring to his own rap style as “high and annoying” before giving a shout out to Rick Rubin and being hurried along by Chuck D and getting heckled by the Rush fans in the crowd.

Flav then went on to say that he was retiring the clock he has been wearing around his neck since 1987 and giving it to the Hall of Fame museum. “We represent the hip-hop community that also deserves recognition tonight,” said Chuck D in his speech. “Let us not forget, we all come from the damn blues,” he said to dissenters who’ve suggested that hip-hop doesn’t deserve recognition by the Hall of Fame. The group then performed ‘Bring The Noise’ and ‘Fight The Power’.

The ceremony started with Tom Petty, Jackson Browne and John Fogerty singing with Randy Newman on his hit single ‘I Love LA’. Don Henley of The Eagles inducted Newman into the Hall of Fame, calling his induction “shamefully overdue” before the pair performed together. “I did think I was going to have to die [to get into the Hall of Fame],” said Newman in his acceptance speech.

Heart were inducted by Chris Cornell, who called Ann and Nancy Wilson “two Joan of Arcs up front kicking total ass”. “We came from an era where women normally did not rock,” said Nancy in their acceptance speech, before they performed ‘Crazy On You’ and ‘Dreamboat Annie’. They were joined by Chris Cornell for ‘Barracuda’.

Albert King was inducted posthumously by John Mayer and Gary Clark Jr performed in tribute. Donna Summer was inducted posthumously by Kelly Rowland and the tribute medley was led by Jennifer Hudson. Carole King, Sam Cooke and The Mamas and The Papas producer Lou Adler and Michael Jackson producer Quincy Jones received the Ahmet Ertegun non-performer awards, and were inducted by Cheech and Chong and Oprah Winfrey respectively. Carole King performed ‘So Far Away’ for Adler whilst Usher performed Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’ in honour of Jones.

The induction ceremony last took place take in Los Angeles 20 years ago. For the past two decades it has taken place in Cleveland, Ohio, where the Hall Of Fame museum is based. Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after their first record release.