Russell Brand covers Blur’s ‘Parklife’ following Twitter jibes

Social media users had been shouting 'Parklife' at Brand to make fun of his political rants

Russell Brand has recorded his own version of Blur‘s 1994 hit ‘Parklife’, after social media users used to song to poke fun of the comedian’s recent political ourbursts.

The 1994 single was used to mock Brand last week after one Twitter user originally compared a passage from the comedian’s new book to the spoken word part of ‘Parklife’ provided by actor Phil Daniels.

A series of Vine videos then emerged, splicing Brand’s views with a sample from ‘Parklife’. See a selection of those below.


Now, however, Brand has released his own ‘Parklife’ cover, teaming up with Irish comedy rap duo The Rubberbandits. Watch the video beneath.

Lyrics in the parody clip include: “Verbal dexterity plus estuary accent is what leads to parody of Parklife. But words used efficiently can be a dangerous tool that slices through propaganda like a sharp knife.

“We can’t get our heads around the fact that five families have as much dough as 12 million Brits, that can’t be right in any accent, class strife. You can’t be polysyllabic or talk about important things unless you went to school in a top hat and tails”.

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Brand’s political views were recently criticised by Sex Pistols singer John Lydon. “The likes of Russell Brand coming along and saying something so damn ignorant is absolutely spoon-feeding it to them… What he’s preaching there is a lifestyle of cardboard boxes down by the river. He’ll make you all homeless. He’s preaching all this from the mansion. Lovely innit,” Lydon said. He also called Brand “arsehole number one”.


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