Russell Brand gets political at VMAs

British comedian shakes things up

Russell Brand got political at the MTV Music Video Awards tonight (September 7), endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and slamming President George Bush.

The British comedian, who had never before hosted an American awards show, shook things up with his political and sexually charged comments.

“Please elect Barack Obama on behalf of the world,” he said. “Some people – I think they’re called racists” may not be ready to elect a black man. It was nice of you to let that retarded cowboy have a go at it.”


He congratulated the VMAs on its 25-year history, but said that tonight’s show was about looking to the future.

“New music, a new president, a brand new America. You deserve it after eight years of Bush,” he said.

In typical Brand fashion, he mocked the alleged virginity of teen heart throbs the Jonas Brothers, as well as the troubled upbringing of the Jacksons.

The audience seemed uncertain how to react to Brand‘s political comments and off-colour remarks, meeting them with quiet chuckles and tepid applause.

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–By our Los Angeles staff.


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