Russell Brand discusses Chester Bennington’s suicide

The comedian spoke about the rise of suicide in older men on the latest episode of his YouTube series 'The Trews'

Russell Brand has discussed Chester Bennington‘s suicide on a new episode of his YouTube series The Trews.

The comedian has discussed the subject of male suicide on the programme before, including when Soundgarden‘s Chris Cornell took his own life earlier this year.

“One of the things that’s interesting about it was he spoke openly about depression,” Brand said. “I suppose one of the things we think is ‘Oh if you’re having a conversation about it, that if you’re open about it, you will be exempted. It won’t happen to you.'”


He quoted statistics that show a 40 percent rise in suicide since 2008, of which 80 percent of victims are male. “We’re aware of how vulnerable adolescents are to suicide and, of course, there’s no particular demographic whose suicide is more sad or more tragic,” he added. “But it’s interesting when a pattern, phenomena or trend seems to emerge.

Brand spoke about the issue of men taking their lives as they reached middle age. He said: “Many are saying that both of these recent suicides are a point to the idea of disillusionment, dissatisfaction, that is more pronounced in the case of famous and successful men, but it’s probably something that all men this age experience.”

As Radio X reports, he also discussed his own experience of suicide. “I know I’ve had thoughts of suicide before, and the reason I’ve not carried it out is that I’ve always been fortunate enough to have access to other people, who’ve said, ‘Yeah I’ve felt like that, don’t do anything dramatic about it. There are other ways. This is temporary. This will go by.'”

Watch the interview above.

Bennington was found dead last week (July 20) at his Palos Verdes Estates home. A coroner has since ruled his death was suicide by hanging.


His Linkin Park bandmates have set up a tribute website for the frontman where fans can post messages, videos and photos.

The #RIPCHESTER website also features contact information “in case you or someone you know needs support.” The band shared the website last night (July 22) and tributes have been pouring in.


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