The Urban Hip-Hop Music Festival takes place in April...

RUSSELL SIMMONS is putting together the first URBAN HIP-HOP MUSIC FESTIVAL in the USA, to coincide with the second annual HIP-HOP SUMMIT in ATLANTA.

The two-day festival, on April 12 and 13 at Turner Field, has been dubbed the “Woodstock of hip-hop”.

Simmons commented: “Just as music played an important role in the changing of our culture after the original Woodstock, we are again at a turning point here. Music – specifically hip-hop – will have a role in shaping our future. It’s time to take that responsibility seriously.”

Part of the proceeds from the shows will go to charity.

The day before the festival, the Hip-Hop Summit will be held at Morehouse College. Details of speakers and performers at the events are expected to be announced soon.