Russell Simmons insists the proposals are unworkable...

DEF JAM founder RUSSELL SIMMONS has gatecrashed a US Senate hearing in WASHINGTON to argue against the proposal of an age restriction system for music.

According to BBC news, Simmons was not allowed to appear at the hearing, which was discussing the potential of a universal ratings system for music, films and computer games.

However, he turned up anyway and was given the opportunity to speak, where he said the proposals were unworkable.

He commented: “Some of the songs you may find offensive – protest songs and other songs are actually a reflection of the reality that needs to be expressed. The real issue is how do we address these issues.”

He also claimed that the “effort to censure hiphop has deep-seated racial overtones”.

According to, the Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA) are planning a new campaign to increase awareness of Parental Advisory stickers. The campaign will target schools in the US as well as promoting the Internet website