Russell Simmons accused of rape in new $5 million lawsuit

The Def Jam Records co-founder is being sued by aspiring filmmaker Jennifer Jarosik, who alleged that the incident took place in 2016

A $5 million lawsuit has been launched against Russell Simmons after he was accused of attacking and raping an aspiring filmmaker.

Simmons, who co-founded Def Jam Recordings, is the subject of new court documents which were filed yesterday (January 24) by the legal representatives of Jennifer Jarosik.

Jarosik, who said that she befriended Simmons back in 2006 over their shared “love and passion for meditation, yoga and a vegan diet”, alleges that Simmons invited her to his LA home in 2016, where he then asked her to have sex with him.


After she declined, Simmons then allegedly became aggressive and pushed Jarosik onto his bed. The filmmaker claims she hit her head as she tried to force him off, before Simmons then allegedly “pounced on her while she was still in shock and fear, and proceeded to rape her.”

Simmons has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct that have been made against him.

The suit states that “defendant Simmons has historically thrived on the sexual exploitation of young women trying to break into the entertainment and music industry, in which young female artists are falsely promised opportunities and advancement by experienced and well-established men in power in the industry, with their careers in jeopardy if they resist the sexual overtures of these powerful men.”

Speaking in a statement, Jarosik’s attorney Perry C. Wander said his client’s case would ensure that the hip-hop industry “faces the music and recognises that the deep-rooted history of misogyny and discrimination against women in the music industry has to come to an end.

“The hypocrisy has to stop now.”


Back in November, Simmons indicated that he would step down for his various business ventures after facing a number of sexual assault and misconduct allegations.