Rustie to take break from live shows due to addiction and mental health problems

Warp-signed producer has cancelled all upcoming appearances

Rustie, real name Russell Whyte, has announced his decision to take a break from live shows due to “addiction and mental health problems.”

The Scottish producer, who released latest album ‘Evenifyoudontbelieve’ earlier this year, made the announcement earlier today (December 20). Taking to Twitter to share the message with fans, he wrote: “Due to addiction & mental health problems, all gigs in the near future are cancelled. Very very sorry & hope to see u all soon.”

He added that he, also “won’t be posting or responding on social media personally for a while. Any posts will come from management.”


Rustie is signed to Warp Records (Aphex Twin, Hudson Mohawke) and released debut album ‘Glass Swords’ in 2011. His 2014 album ‘Green Language’ included collaborations with Danny Brown and grime MC D Double E.

Live dates affected by Rustie’s decision include his place on the line-up for the Holy Ship 2016 festival, which sets sail from Miami on January 3, and a new year’s eve gig in California.

Earlier this year Magnetic Man DJ and producer Benga revealed that he was forced to take a break from the music industry after the party lifestyle led to him being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

He subsequently warned against the culture of drug use within the dance music world, saying that his own use of illegal substances led to extreme cases of anxiety and paranoia.

Benga announced his retirement in 2014. At the time he said that the reason he was leaving music was to start a family.


However, in a series of tweets posted earlier this year, the dubstep producer stated that the real reason he made the decision was the he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and that the routine of touring was making his condition worse.