Eric Idle is working on a follow-up to 1978's 'All You Need Is Cash'...

THE RUTLES will be back on our screens, thanks to the endeavours of creator ERIC IDLE. The ex-‘MONTY PYTHON’ star created the BEATLES parody in the ’70s, and they reached their apogee in 1978 with the rockumentary ‘ALL YOU NEED IS CASH’.

It is not yet known whether the sequel, ‘The Rutles: Evolution’, will be broadcast on television or at the cinema, but the original band members of Dick McQuickley, Ron Nasty, Stig O’Hara and Barry Wom will be seen in their original ’70s glory.

Idle told the Los Angeles Times last week that he’d found all of the original Rutles footage and was “editing that as sort of the Rutles core material”. A host of stars, including Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Salman Rushdie, Jewel and Graham Nash, have been interviewed with regard to the influence of the pastiche band on their lives.