Ryan Adams posts 11 new albums online

Under 3 different pseudonyms

Ryan Adams has recorded eight albums this year – and he’s going to release them all.

Echoing the three albums he official recorded last year, the singer-songwriter has issued his new efforts on his website Ryan-adams.com.

The singer, has posted rap material under the name DJ Reggie and hardcore material under the names The Shit and Werewolph.

The streams feature cover art of the albums.

Although the albums contain mainly original material, they also feature covers of Creed’s ’Higher’ and Shania Twain’s ’You’re Still The One’.

As previously reported , Adams posted teaser samples on his website of the eccentric material.

In total he has posted:

DJ Reggie –‘Holla Dayz Inn’

The Shit –‘Christmas Apocalypse’

DJ Reggie – A Reginald Gangster’

DJ Reggie – ‘Hip HopBreaker’

DJ Reggie –‘4:20/20’

The Shit – ‘This Is Shit’

The Shit – ‘…Hits The Fans’

The Shit – ‘Hillbilly Joel’

The Shit – ‘General Ulysees S. Hospital’

The Shit – ‘Slef Portrait’

WereWolph – ‘Feel The Laser’