Records released on Paxamerican will be available at selected gigs...

Ryan Adams has started his own record label

The singer, who won Best Male Solo Artist at last week’s NME Awards, will sell records released on his label, Paxamerican, at selected gigs.

The first two releases are ‘The Rescue Blues’, and ‘California’.

Tracklisting for the records are:

‘The Rescue Blues’ (original four track versions)

‘The Rescue Blues’

‘Come Pick Me Up’

‘Enemy Blanks’

‘Tell Me How You Want Me To Feel’



‘Waves Crashing’

‘Secret Powers’

‘Do You Wanna Get High?’

Ryan Adams, is currently recovering at home in New York after breaking his wrist at a gig in Liverpool last month. He will release new single ‘This Is It on March 23.