Ryan Adams checks out The Strokes

The acts reveal a new hobby - chess

Ryan Adams has revealed that he and The Strokes have an unlikely rock star pasttime – chess.

The two bands became friends after Adams moved to New York – and even covered The Strokes‘ debut ‘Is This It’ in its entirety to amuse his friends – and they all regularly hang out.

“Chess has become a pretty rockin’ deal for the (Adams’ backing band) Cardinals,” Adams told Rolling Stone. “And I think Nikolai (Fraiture) from The Strokes is pretty damn good. I actually asked him for some tips the other day.”


Adams, who recently released the album ‘Jackson City Nights’, his second of 2005, added that he has yet to indulge in The Strokes other pastime: poker.

“I’ve also been invited to play in a Texas Hold’Em game with The Strokes guys,” said Adams, “but I know better!”