There's a surprise for fans when they visit the star's website...

Ryan Adams has posted an album’s worth of demos on his site.

All the content at [url=] has been taken down, except for a picture of a jukebox with 13 songs posted up.

Apart from ‘The Rescue Blues’ which appeared on 2001’s ‘Gold’ and ‘Come Pick Me Up’ from 2000’s ‘Heartbreaker’, the songs have never been given an official release.

The four-track recordings have, however, been available as bootlegs under the name ‘Exile On Franklin Street’.

It is believed that the songs have been intended for inclusion on Ryan Adams‘ long-rumoured Pax American vinyl label.

Track titles are ‘California’, ‘Goodbye Honey’, ‘Lash Out’, ‘The Rescue Blues’, ‘Don’t Ask For The Water’, ‘Suspicion’, ‘One By One’, ‘Come Pick Me Up’, ‘All My Fault’, ‘Secret Powers’, ‘Waves Crashing’, ‘Listen To The Radio’, ‘The Last Dance’.

Last month, Ryan Adams closed his website as a mark of respect for the end of TV sitcom ‘Friends’.