He's got his new album to finish - but he wants to give Whiskeytown another go...

Ryan Adams‘ first band WHISKEYTOWN are planning a reunion.

The band was founded in 1994 and went through a series of line-up changes before frontman Ryan Adamsand singer/violinist Caitlin Cary both started solo careers. But the astonishingly prolific Ryan Adams has approached Cary and her husband, drummer Skillet Gilmore, who played with the band on their 1996 debut LP ‘Faithless Street’, to talk about doing something together again.

Cary told Rolling Stone: “I always thought that this would happen, but I was thinking it would be five years from now. Ryan Adams

made a good point, ‘Why wait until we’re old and pathetic? We should have a reunion while we’re all still young and vibrant.’ It could be like a Neil Young, Crazy Horse kind of thing, where every five years we’d get together and make a record. It would be really fun to have Whiskeytown on the backburner in that way.”

Ryan Adams said on his official website, [url=], “I’d like very much to go and work on some music with Caitlin and Skillet, and seeing as we’ve been talking about it for a while now, why not? Caitlin has her own life now out there, and so do I, which would only make it more fun for both of us. I think it’s time Whiskeytown make an actual record we like.”

Whiskeytown released three albums – ‘Faithless Street’, 1997’s ‘Strangers Almanac’ and ‘Pnuemonia’, which was recorded in 1998 but was not released until 2001, by which time the band had disbanded.

Ryan Adams is currently finishing off his third studio solo LP, tentatively titled ‘Love Is Hell’. It’s due for release this summer.