Secrecy around the star's interpretation of 'Is This It' leads to comparison with Dylan's 'Basement Tapes'...

Ryan Adams’ cover album of Strokes ‘IS THIS IT’ could be worth up to £1,000, an industry expert has told NME.COM.

The album, which has subject of enormous interest amongst fans of both artists since Ryan Adams revealed details of it to the NME, could become the modern equivalent Bob Dylan’s ‘The Basement Tapes’ – which his label denied existed for years until the early 70’s – says Jake Kennedy from Record Collector Magazine.

“If the record is not planned for commercial release and there is only one CDR copy, a conservative price for it would be £100 – £150,” he said. “However, if it was put on ebay, it could go through the roof. While neither Ryan Adams nor Strokes are really collectible yet, people on ebay are mad. The price could easily go over £500 and easily approach four figures. It could be the modern equivalent of rare 60s garage records or maybe ‘The Basement Tapes’.

‘The Basement Tapes’ contained dozens of recordings made by Bob Dylan and The Band in the mid to late 60s. Their existence was denied by years by Bob Dylan’s record company and at times by Bob Dylan himself until a selection of the tracks was released as ‘The Great White Wonder’ bootleg in 1968. It received an official release in 1975.

Ryan Adams label has recently claimed his version of ‘Is This It’ , recorded on a four-track recorder, does not exist.