NME have been inundated by a deluge of letters from frenzied readers demanding a release...

Fans of Ryan Adams and Strokes have flooded NME.COM with emails and letters calling for Ryan Adams to release his Strokes cover album – and NME is backing the call by offering to release it.

Since Ryan Adams told NME.COM two weeks ago that he had recorded ‘Is This It’ on his four-track recorder, the response has been overwhelming. Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jnr added to the debate last week saying that he was dying to hear it.

NME.COM contacted Ryan Adams spokesperson and offered to release the album as a special one-off cover-mount on the NME newspaper. However, Ryan Adams management refused, claiming there was no album. While Ryan Adams could not be reached for further comment, it is known that he has vaults full of material, both solo and with his bands including the Pink Hearts and the Fucking Virgins, that the label are reluctant to release.


Nonetheless, fans are calling on the label to let them hear Adams version of ‘Is This It’.

‘Yes Ryan should release it, of course. The Strokes write fantastic songs, and Ryan is a fantastic, soulful musician. Every other song he has covered has been beautiful – Wonderwall, Brown Sugar, Lovesick Blues….’

Helen at the Ryannotbryanadams fanzine

‘Bring it on! I love The Strokes and Ryan Adams [for completely different reasons]. To hear, what I imagine would be, a more mellow version of ‘Is This It’, would make me trip over myself to get into a record store. “Come on Ryan! You know it makes sense!”‘

Pea, via email

‘God all mighty I’d love to hear this album. I think ‘Is this it’ was remarkable (not to mention the best of last year and that’s saying quite a bit).’


David Pedersen

‘The best solo act of the year before (and for the years to come I suppose…) covers the record of the current decade… AND IT REMAINS UNRELEASED!!!’

P Melidis

‘Definitely release the album in some form or another; I’ve heard rumours of potential Internet releases of some of Adams’ material and think either that or a more traditional release would be very cool.’

Nate Gansen, via email

‘Of course Ryan Adams should release his version of The Strokes ‘Is This It’. It could rock!’

Katherine Pongracz