The band are desperate to hear Adams' alleged re-recording of 'Is This It'...

Strokes are desperate to hear the recording Ryan Adams has made of their album, ‘IS THIS IT’, after reading about it in NME.

Speaking to NME.COM last week guitarist Albert Hammond Jnr said he was delighted with the idea of the album.

“I heard about that. That’s so cool. Have you heard it? I’d love to hear it. That’s rad, man.”


Last week, Ryan Adamstold NME: “I covered the whole album on my fourtrack. I covered it as a blues record. My band has heard it, they all think it’s pretty funny. It isn’t making fun ofStrokes, its because I really like them a lot.”

Hammond added that he knewRyan Adams. “We hang out together in a bar in New York sometimes. He’s cool,” he said, but added that Strokes had no intention of returning the gesture and recording some of the rising star’s tracks.

Pressure from fans of Ryan Adams and Strokes is now building on the singer to release the album. At time of going to press, a spokesperson for Ryan Adams said that no plans had been release the album, but couldn’t rule it out.

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