The prolific star goes punk on an LP recorded under the name The Finger...

Ryan Adams has secretly recorded a hardcore rock album.

Although he will not officially confirm his involvement in the limited edition US punk album, ‘We Are Fuck You’ by The Finger, Internet rumours suggest he played on the album with his New York cohort Jessie Malin.

Due to contractual obligations to his Lost Highway imprint, which is part of the Universal label, Ryan Adams is not permitted to record for other labels. But the prolific songwriter found it difficult to keep quiet about The Finger.


Ryan told NME.COM: “I’m not officially supposed to say this but there may or may not be this band called The Finger that just released this record on vinyl and… I don’t know… I heard that I played on it. Let’s leave it at that. I heard they’re good though.”

‘We Are Fuck You’ is released on an independent label and limited to 1,000 copies, with no mention of Ryan Adams or Jessie Malin in the sleevenotes. It is available from independent record stores in the US and fans have described it as reminiscent of 80s hardcore band Black Flag.

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