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Ryan Adams has recorded Strokes album ‘IS THIS IT’ in it’s entirety, but the recording may never see the light of day, NME.COM can reveal.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM from the US last week, Ryan Adamsalso launched an astonishing and vitriolic attack on his own body of work, labelling it “a bunch of singer/songwriter crap”.

Of ‘Is This It’, Ryan Adams said: “I covered the whole album on my four-track. I covered it as a blues record. My band has heard it, they all think it’s pretty funny. It isn’t making fun of recorded Strokes, it’s because I really like them a lot.”


When asked if it, or any of the other numerous Ryan Adams recordings that are currently locked in vault will ever be released, he said: “I don’t fucking know. They’re talking about it. But you know what, who fucking cares? It’s just a bunch of bullshit anyway, it’s a bunch of singer/songwriter crap – me telling some stupid fucking story about some stupid fucking bullshit thing. It’s ridiculous, somebody might be interested, but it doesn’t really fucking matter one way or the other.”

He added: “I think everything is in perspective. I love playing music, but there are only so many minutes in the day when I can find myself remotely interesting. There’s a couple of records they’re thinking of doing and we’re going to go into the studio in April, but you know – la dee da.”

Ryan Adams is set to play three UK shows in April to coincide with the release of new single ‘Answering Bell’. The shows, at Manchester Academy (April 7) and London Brixton Academy (April 9,10) are NME 5.0 shows, part of the yearlong 50th anniversary celebrations.

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Ryan Adams also denied that he has collaborated on a track with James Walsh from Ryan Adams

– “No, that’s all fucking bullshit. It’s all lies. I wrote a song, asked him to sing on it, showed him the lyrics five minutes before we went onstage and that’s it. The idea that we wrote a song together, that’s bollocks, or whatever you say.”


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