He says the duo's new album 'Elephant' "may well be the greatest rock 'n' roll album ever made"...

NME’s solo artist of the year, Ryan Adams, has brought the curtain down on his feud with White Stripes, declaring that their new album ‘ELEPHANT””may be the best rock ‘n roll record ever made.”

Ryan Adams had been involved in a spat with the White Stripes, labelling Jack “little girl White” and “a fucking ponce” in NME after he heard Jack had written an online message complaining about lyrical changes Ryan Adamshad made to his covers of White Stripes

songs during his gigs.


Now, it looks as though icy relations between the pair have thawed. Writing on the message-board of his own site, Ryan Adams


“[White Stripes] record may be the best rock ‘n roll record ever made. No shit. I am so jealous of that guy. He is so tuned in, its just incredible his gift. Motherfucker knows rock ‘n’ roll like sugar knows ice-cream.”

Throughout the six-month freeze in relations between the acts, White Stripes refused to comment.

Ryan Adams

has also revealed that his new album is “like Madness


or The Cure‘s

‘Disintegration’. Writing a web-message from his studio in LA he said:

“This record screams and moans a little more (than the previous ones). It’s kind of like there’s a lot more fucking in this record and a lot less kissing… I don’t feel like making any more goddamn folk records, or country records or country-rock sounding things and I don’t even really feel like making solo records anymore after this anyway.”

The star is due to wrap up final mixes this week. The album will feature his cover of Oasis‘ ‘Wonderwall’, which Ryan Adams

was due to perform at the recent NME Awards until he had to pull out with an ear infection.

“Here’s a list of some songs on my new album,” he said. “1.The shadowlands. 2. Black clouds 3. Please Do Not Let Me Go 4. World War 24…. 5.Political scientist 6. Afraid Not Scared 7. This House is not For Sale 8.Avalanche 9.I see Monsters 10. Thank you Louise 11. Anybody Wanna Take Me Home? 12.Wonderwall 13. My Blue Manhattan 14. Chelsea Nights… Not in that order and there’s six more being mixed as well for the final cut and the final decision and for B-sides, but like anything I ever do, it could change at any time. But I’m feeling these tunes pretty hard. That’s really all I can say about it now.”

There is no release date for the currently untitled album, though it’s anticipated that it will appear by early summer.