The country rocker writes a number called 'Boys' in response to Britney's song of the same name...

Ryan Adams has written a song called ‘BOYS’ – a reaction to the BRITNEY SPEARS song of the same name.

Ryan Adams is currently writing and recording new material for the proper follow-up to last year’s album ‘Gold’, due sometime next year. He recently released ‘Demolition’, an album of demos and outtakes.

Speaking in the US, he said that one of the new songs is in “defence of men”, a reaction to the Britney Spears single ‘Boys’.

“I just recently started writing songs in reaction to other songs”, he told Rolling Stone. “One song I was working on last week was called ‘Boys’, which is a reaction to ‘Boys’ by Britney Spears.

“I wanted to write a song in defence of men, because we’re not all players. There are romantics who don’t think about panty lines and don’t talk shit about women. And just because Britney can’t find one doesn’t mean that I’m supposed to be chastised for it. The song doesn’t attack Britney or anything, it attacks this preconceived notion that men cannot be romantic intellectuals.”

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