Johnny Depp and Ryan Adams cover Danzig on stage in London – watch

Actor appeared for singer-songwriter's Shepherd's Bush Empire encore

Actor Johnny Depp joined Ryan Adams on stage in London last night (September 18).

Depp brought star power to the singer-songwriter’s encore at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, playing guitar on a cover of Danzig’s ‘Mother’ and ‘Kim’ from Adams’ self-titled album – watch fan-shot footage of the performance above.

Depp appears on the B-side to Adams’ ‘Gimme Something Good’, the first single to be taken from the new LP. ‘Aching For More’ appears on the 7-inch of the September single.


Adams recently told Wall Street Journal that he and Depp recently jammed with US alt-rock icon Bob Mould. He said: “There was one night when Bob Mould was in town, and Johnny [Depp], my friend, the actor, and we jammed – we had this amazing jam that had to have lasted nine hours. We met in the afternoon and it lasted until 3 am. Johnny was playing bass for some of it, I played the bass for some of it – we’re basically Die Kreuzen right now, by way of Minneapolis, by way of Los Angeles. Total, otherwordly weird jams. Everybody that’s interested in the jams are interested in the song construct. There were placeholder vocals or sometimes no vocals. There’s almost no discussion. We laid down like eight songs or something. It was incredible.”

Johnny Depp starred in a video for Paul McCartney’s ‘Early Days’ earlier this year. Adams released his new album on September 8. Speaking to NME about the sound of the record, Adams said he didn’t care if people liked his new direction. “I’m too old to care who likes my records,” he said. “It’s all bullshit anyway. People make judgements about records but the music is eternal. I like ‘Be Here Now’. I don’t even care if Noel Gallagher doesn’t like it, because you know what? I will take two bong hits and that record will blow my mind.”

Ryan Adams played:

‘Gimme Something Good’
‘Dirty Rain’
‘Stay With Me’
‘Easy Plateau’
‘Am I Safe’
‘Let It Ride’
‘The Door’
‘Oh My Sweet Carolina’
‘I Just Might’
‘Peaceful Valley’
‘A Kiss Before I Go’
‘My Wrecking Ball’
‘Rats in the Wall’
‘When The Summer Ends’
‘Come Pick Me Up’