Ryan Adams: ‘I’m too old to care who likes my records’

Singer-songwriter claims to have spent "$100,000 or more" on scrapped version of new album

Ryan Adams has backed the more personal direction of his forthcoming 14th studio album, due for release later this year.

The self-titled record, due for release on September 8, was recorded at Adams’ own Pax-Am studio in LA. The singer-songwriter produced it himself and is set to release it on his own label, also called Pax-Am.

Speaking to NME, Adams said he didn’t care if people liked his new direction. “I’m too old to care who likes my records,” he said. “It’s all bullshit anyway. People make judgements about records but the music is eternal. I like ‘Be Here Now’. I don’t even care if Noel Gallagher doesn’t like it, because you know what? I will take two bong hits and that record will blow my mind.”


Adams also revealed he spent “$100,000 or more” on making a version of the record with collaborator Glyn Johns before scrapping it. “It was slow, adult shit. I’m just over that,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Adams has shared the video for latest single ‘Gimme Something Good’. Directed by Michael Reich, the clip features the musician looking dishevelled, interspersed with images of a gothic woman, skulls and candlesticks. You can watch it in full below.

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