Ryan Adams releases his ‘first fully-realised sci-fi metal concept album ORION’

The vinyl-only LP includes tracks such as 'Ghorgon, Master Of War' and 'Electro Snake'

Ryan Adams has released “his first fully-realised sci-fi metal concept album”.

Entitled ‘ORION’, the limited-edition vinyl-only release is Adams‘ first since splitting with The Cardinals in 2009.

Recorded in 2006 and produced by Jamie Candiloro, the album features artwork by Voivod‘s Michel Langevin.


Released on AdamsPAX AM record label.

For more information, visit PAX.AM.

The tracklisting for ‘ORION’ is as follows:

‘Signal Fade’
‘Imminent Galactic War’
‘Fire Away’
‘Defenders Of The Galaxy’
‘Fire And Ice’
‘By Force’
‘Ghorgon, Master Of War’
‘Electro Snake’
‘Victims Of The Ice Brigade’
‘2,000 Ships’
‘End Of Days’