Ryan Adams ‘I hate country music’

Singer says he never dated Alanis Morrisette or Winona Ryder either

Ryan Adams has written a blog entitled ‘Facts About Me’ where he spills the beans on love, his life and music.

In his blog Dradamsfilms.com/ the singer admitted he has always hated country music and initially wanted to be in a metal band.

Adams said: “I hate HATE country music. I always have. I ‘reference’ it when I make music that sounds like that, the way a director would use water as a backdrop for a scene with a shark in it. But I cannot stand country music one bit. Unless The Grateful Dead are messin round with it. Then it is tolerable.”


Now two years sober, Adams added that he became a songwriter by mistake.

He admitted: “I never intended to be a songwriter but it was a snowball effect type thing and it pained me to have to play live because I have stage fright. I just wanted to be a writer and a visual artist and in a metal band. So I hate what I do sometimes.”

Adams also revealed he has only dated five women – and two of them were not Alanis Morrisette or Winona Ryder, despite rumours claiming otherwise.

Adams said: “I never dated Alanis Morrisette. But she is very nice.”

He added: “I never dated Winona Ryder, but she is my friend and I will always love her.”

He also refuted claims that he threw a fan out of a gig for calling him Bryan Adams, but admitted he did not care for his near-namesake, who remarkably also shares his birthday.


“In my opinion he [Bryan Adams] is not a serious artist,” he wrote. “His songs have ‘implied target audience’ written all over them and in fact he is quite embarrassing in general. Also a piss poor photographer.”

It seems this may be the last of Adams‘ blogs though.

Having named the blog “Foggy“, his most recent posts implied he will not be doing it anymore.

A photo of Adams holding up a notebook with scrawling writing in it said: “Goodbye Foggy. You were very healing and I am okay now. Be good, Bean.”

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