Ryan Adams compares Oasis to Led Zeppelin

Plus Adams reveals his favourite Oasis album

Ryan Adams has admitted he’s shocked Oasis even know he exists, has compared them to Led Zeppelin and revealed his favourite album of theirs.

Adams, who is currently on tour in the USA with Noel Gallagher and co with his group The Cardinals, has been hanging out with the band on tour and has nothing but praise for them.

Adams’ blog, updated after a recent show with Oasis, read: “Wow. Day off. Full Cardinals and full Oasis at supper proper. Fucking yes – what a trip. Funny Noel went off to hang solo after, as did I, but you know, the others headed for some drinks.”

He added: “I left so inspired, so inspired, they are GREAT dinner company and such gentlemen. What an honour. I am just blown away they even know we exist at all. So awesome. Life is just full of surprises.”

Adams also revealed his favourite Oasis record is 2000’s ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’.

Speaking of the album, he wrote: “This, this record was like ignored – it is classic – like Led Zeppelin classic.”