Ryan Adams explains musical web excursions

The singer talks through his hip-hop and thrash rock tracks

Ryan Adams has explained the streaming of various tracks on Ryanadams.com

As previously reported by NME.COM, Adams streamed a dozen thrashy songs (recalling his band The Finger) and the rap ’Look Who’s Got A Website’.

A posting on his site also claims that the songs by his metal project Werewolph are too scary to release.


Explaining the songs, Adams wrote: ”It’s just stuff I do in my spare time, under the name The Shit. It’s probably various tunes, as its been an ongoing project since I can remember. I record some punk stuff when I get bored, cause I like to play music when I’m not busy playing music.

“My other metal project is called Werewolph, but its too scary to release as it is so metal and scary that people actually turn to ice when I play it for them. Those few unlucky souls now haunt the offices of the NME instructed by my witchmaster.

“Anyway, The Shit (which is me on everything except drums which is sometimes Brad sometimes JT) have made five albums. 1.’Is This Shit’ 2. ‘Hits The Fans’ 3. ‘General Ulysses S Hospitol’ 4. ‘HillybillyJoel’ (which is with the Cardinals and called CardinalShits and 5. ‘slef-protrait’(sp is correct)

“So there. And Brad and I are working on garageband wars right now. I have an alternative death metal country band called WILCOVEN. Its pretty sick.“

Meanwhile Adams is now appearing in an advert for GAP will Willie Nelson which can be seen below.

The pair of also collaborating on Nelson‘s new album ‘Songbird’ which also features Adams‘ backing band The Cardinals.

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