Ryan Adams website explains closure of forum

Appearance of ‘personal information’ prompts shut down

The administrator of Ryanadams.org has the reason that led to the closure of its influential messageboards.

As previously reported, the forums were taken down after the singer felt a “threat” to his saftey appeared online.

The website have now expanded on the reasons behind its actions

“The specific indicent that prompted this action occurred while the band was in London and Ryan’s hotel room information was posted to the message board,” the administrator explained. “In another incident, personal information about Ryan’s parents was posted to the board.”

The site then refutes claims that it was Adams himself who took down the site, with the webmaster adding: “The decision to take it down was mine, until we can implement changes to address situations such as those mentioned above.

Ryan and The Cardinals (Adams’ band) are not interested in censorship or restricting the content of the message board – they only want to ensure that sensitive, personal information is not shared online. This is not a ploy to squelch bad show reviews, etc.”