Ryan Adams shuts down own forum

The singer acts after ‘threat’ on fansite

The forum on Ryan Adams fansite Ryanadams.org has been shut down at the singer’s request.

The messageboards, which Adams often referenced himself during gigs, have been temporarily taken off line after one post upset the former Whiskeytown man.

“One event in particular has caused this to come to a head,” explained the site administrated Dave of why he removed the forum. “I won’t go into details, but sensitive information was exposed on the board that was a threat to both Ryan and the band. And he felt (understandably so) very exposed because of the aforementioned visibility of this site. So he requested that the board be taken offline while we take some precautions in an attempt to prevent this from happening in the future.”

However the site dismissed suggestions that the current measure represented a take over of the fansite by Adams

Ryan‘s management is not attempting to shut down the site, nor are they planning to take control of the board and make it ‘official’,” they added.

Adams has had a love-hate relationship with the Ryanadams.org forum. He has often posted on it himself, but has also criticised and joked with fans about comments left there.