Ryan Adams quits drink and drugs

Singer tells of previous addictions to narcotics

Ryan Adams has said he has quit drink and drugs for good.

The singer who was once in the band Whiskeytown, said he has now gone cold turkey after kicking a long-term dependence on cocaine and heroin.

“I’d wake up, work, go for a drink or two and be exhausted,” he told Rolling Stone magazine about his former habits. “I would have drugs to keep my physical being going in order to never have to stop working in the night.”

Adams explained how, before beginning recording of his latest album, ‘Easy Tiger’, his drug of choice was snorting a combination of heroin and cocaine, before he quit and went cold turkey.

“Think about falling off a bicycle and smashing your nuts on that bar, or the most horrible sports accident you can think of,” he continued. “That doesn’t cover what it would be like for me to imagine drinking or doing drugs again.”