Ryan Adams guests as Denver weather presenter

The musician said he's always dreamed of doing the weather, “partially because of the movie Twister”

After releasing a song dedicated to Denver’s local news program yesterday, Ryan Adams has now appeared on the show as a guest weather presenter.

In the track, ‘Denver7 (Piece of Heaven)’, Adams sings about wanting to be “the guest weather person”. The video for ‘Denver7 (Piece of Heaven)’ features a cameo from the station anchor Shannon Ogden.

As a result, Colorado’s Denver7 News invited the musician to take his turn presenting the weather in front of a green screen. Watch Ryan Adams moonlight on the station below.



After revealing that he wanted to present the weather “partially because of the movie Twister,” he spoke about the hot temperatures predicted in Colorado, and added “this is exactly as weird as I thought it would be.”

“For anybody who’s super into the wind,” he added, ” you’re hooked up right here”.

This isn’t the first time that Ryan Adams has paid tribute to the state’s local media. A couple of weeks back, Adams wrote another jingle for the local radio station 105.5: The Colorado Sound.


Back in March Ryan Adams gave fans an update on the status of his new album. He confirmed that he has recorded eleven songs so far; suggesting that the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Prisoner’ is imminent. The North Carolina artist only released his sixteenth studio album last year, but it looks like his next record is almost finished.


Adams has been sharing updates from his Pax-Am Studios. In one post he said: “records are funny creatures sometimes – they wake you up like they can’t wait to just get born,”

He previously shared an Instagram post suggesting that he has been working with  guitarist Todd Wisenbaker, drummer Aaron Ficca, bassist/engineer Charlie Stavish and keyboardist T’Ben “Mahoney” Alleman.