Ryan Adams covers Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’ to attack Donald Trump

'A pretty awful person just got elected'

Ryan Adams has recorded a cover of the Radiohead classic ‘Karma Police’ in opposition to Donald Trump. Check it out below.

In taking on the seminal single from ‘OK Computer’, Adams strips the song back to its rawest form, delivering a rousing and emotional acoustic guitar rendition.

“I woke up this morning and I was jet-lagged, and I had a full day of press,” Adams told BBC Radio 2 about the track. “But I wanted to do a couple of covers. And I know plenty, but I wanted to do something new that I hadn’t done before. I don’t know if I’ve learned it in a great new and interesting way, but I also thought it’s fitting, because there’s a pretty awful person just got elected in the United States. So I don’t know why, but that song popped into my head this morning.”

Karma Police (BBC Radio 2, 28 Enero 2017) by soundgardener18

Credit: The Nighthawk -> http://www.tobeyoung.org

Adams will release his upcoming 16th album ‘Prisoner’ on February 17. Check out his new video for ‘Do You Still Love Me?’ below

“I think the theme of this record is that we’re all prisoners of some desires, in that the very things we love are the things that hold us hostage and keep us trapped,” he told NME. “Either we are the cage or we’re in the cage and it’s trying to figure out in every situation which of those things is real.”

Meanwhile, he was also recently confirmed to headline Green Man Festival alongside PJ Harvey and Future Islands.