Ryan Adams explains why he ‘misses’ Oasis and how they ‘fucking mattered’

Music is now 'a world full of a bunch of cargo dad pants bands'

Ryan Adams has said that he “misses” Oasis, arguing that music is now “a world full of a bunch of cargo dad pants bands”.

The singer-songwriter has been a vocal fan of the Britpop band through the years, having toured with the Gallaghers and released a cover of ‘Wonderwall’. He recently covered ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Morning Glory’ while sharing a bill with Noel Gallagher.

Now, taking to Twitter, Adams has urged fans to see the group’s new documentary film Supersonic, writing: “Go see the @oasis movie if you need something to remind you what the fuck rocknroll means. Or why trouble matters. Or what fun is.”


He continued: “How boring has music become since these roughhouse giants came crawling from nowhere places with their guitars”.

Adams also posted a picture to Instagram, along a caption that said how he “misses” Oasis and how the band “fucking mattered”. He went on to describe current music as “a world full of a bunch of cargo dad pants bands with soulless, bullshit lyrics and about the level of danger you might feel if you mixed hot fries with ginger ale. Fuck that”.


Adams recently responded to fans’ calls for him to release cover albums by Oasis and The Strokes – telling followers that he’s “not gonna cover an album again”.


Adams released his critically-acclaimed covers album of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ last year, honouring her songwriting by comparing her to William Shakespeare and The Smiths. He later came under fire from Father John Misty for the record, who covered ‘Welcome To New York’ and ‘Blank Space’ in the style of The Velvet Underground.

One fan took to Twitter to ask Adams if he’d ever consider covering ‘Be Here Now’ – before he replied that he wouldn’t be covering albums again in future.

Adams recently released an expanded reissue of his solo debut ‘Heartbreaker’, and is said to be releasing his new album before the year’s end – inspired by ELO, AC/DC and 80s Bruce Springsteen.

Earlier this month, bookies suspended betting on Oasis reforming in 2017, as talk of the band getting back together continued to gather momentum.