Ryan Jarman is sitting on a “great record” from his Exclamation Pony side-project, says Pete Yanowitz

"[It's] some of my favourite music ever"

Ryan Jarman is sitting on a “great record” from his side-project Exclamation Pony, according to Pete Yanowitz.

The Cribs frontman launched the band back in 2012, joining forces with former Here We Go Magic member Jen Turner. The duo performed a number of live shows and released two tracks – ‘Pseudo Individual’ and ‘Mazez’ – via Julian Casablancas’ label Cult Records.

Yanowitz, who played drums for the duo, has now revealed in an interview with NME that there’s a raft of unreleased Exclamation Pony music in the can.


“Ryan is a really good friend and there’s a great record we’ve made that nobody has heard,” he explained.

“I don’t know why Ryan is sitting on it, when there’s 15-20 songs that’s some of my favourite music ever. I hope he wants to put it out – maybe if Ryan sees this, he’ll get to it and put it out there.”

The drummer was speaking to NME alongside Michael C. Hall and Matt Katz-Bohen about their band Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum, who recently released their debut album ‘Thanks For Coming’.

The Cribs’ acclaimed eighth record ‘Night Network’ came out last November. In a five-star review, NME wrote: “…This album gives ample reason to be cheerful going forward, and the trio now have a genuine shot at being a force in their own right in this new decade.


“It may begin with a ‘Goodbye’, but ‘Night Network’ isn’t the sound of a run-down band staggering towards the finish line. Far from it – The Cribs have just embarked on a victory lap.”

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