Ryan Reynolds reacts to Stray Kids’ ‘Deadpool’ homage on ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’

The boyband recreated the 2016 movie's iconic opening scene

K-pop boyband Stray Kids have caught the attention of Ryan Reynolds after their performance on the latest episode of Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War.

On Thursday’s episode of the South Korean reality TV competition, the group performed an epic mashup of their hit song ‘God’s Menu’ and BLACKPINK’s ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, which they titled ‘God’s DDU-DU DDU-DU’.

The Deadpool-inspired performance kicked off with Stray Kids member Felix acting out his own version of the opening scene from the movie, where Reynolds plays the titular Deadpool. The group also stayed true to the theme throughout the performance with their set design, props and costumes.


Shortly after the episode aired, a fan posted an edit of Felix’s intro from the performance with the original scene from Deadpool on Twitter. The tweet later caught the attention of Reynolds who responded by tagging the boyband. “Oh hello @stray_kids”, he wrote.

Fellow Kingdom: Legendary War participants iKON also covered BLACKPINK in their performance this week, enlisting the help of Lisa in their rendition of ‘Pretty Savage’. The performances were put together for the first part of the show’s “No Limit” challenge.

BtoB, who are also contestants on the show, are set to perform with labelmate (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon in an upcoming episode. Other contestants include other popular K-pop boybands such as SF9ATEEZ and THE BOYZ.


The show recently faced a COVID-19 scare after a backup dancer tested positive for the virus. All participating artists have since tested negative for COVID-19. However, members of iKON, SF9 and The Boyz who had come into close contact with the dancer during performances reportedly entered two weeks of self-quarantine following the news.

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