RZA endorses Hillary Clinton for US president

Fellow Wu-Tang clan member Ghostface Killah has also given the Democratic candidate his approval

RZA has given Hillary Clinton his endorsement in the race for president of the Unites States.

The rapper said his years of travelling had influenced his decision, because who is president “affects the worldview” of the country.

“What that means for me as a world traveler is the image of our president affects us who travel around the world – it affects the worldview of us,” he told The Daily Beast. “So when we put in a black man as president, we kind of fulfilled what the principles of our country are: to look at us as that guiding light.

“So, if we did it with a black man, I think, for our image, it would be very unique for us to do it with a woman, because that follows the principles of what we are saying this country is.”

RZA’s fellow Wu Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah also recently gave Clinton his improvement, saying: “You know, women have been through a lot in this country. And I would like to take a woman’s opinion just to see the outcome and what it may be. And plus her husband, he’s … been president before. And I think it’d be interesting.”