The star tells NME.COM the Wu-Tang Clan will dominate the music scene next year...

WU-TANG CLAN rapper RZA has told NME.COM that the year 2002 will be “filled with the Wu”.

Speaking in an exclusive video interview to be broadcast on NME.COM later this week, the rapper compared the group’s return next year to 1992, when the Clan released their debut single.

He said: “2002 is gonna be filled with the Wu. It’s like going back to ’92 really. Hiphop was dying before we came. We came out in 1992 with our first single and that was laying a brickstone that changed the whole industry.”


Elsewhere in the interview, RZA said that he has been unable to communicate with incarcerated Wu-member ODB because he has been moved to a different prison in “upstate New York”. ODB is currently serving jail time for possession of crack cocaine.

He commented: “ODB is going through a lot of suffering right now. The system really has a lot of pressure on him. They moved him recently . When you first get to upstate New York jails you have got wait 30 days before you can start getting phone calls and all, so we haven’t even been communicating with him. That was probably about eight or nine days ago.”

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