The Wu-Tang Clan mainman is the subject of a $75,000 claim from Gee Street Records...

WU-TANG CLAN leader RZA RAKEEM is being sued by GEE STREET RECORDS, the label responsible for releasing material he made as a WU-TANG side project, over what they claim is a breach of contract.

Gee Street, who released records by Rakeem’s alter-ego Bobby Digital In Stereo and his supergroup The Gravediggaz, featuring production-ace Prince Paul, are seeking $75,000 plus costs. They allege RZA, (real name Robert Diggs), has “knowingly and continuously breached” an agreement reached in December 1996 allowing them exclusive rights to some of his recorded output.

RZA was already running the Wu-Tang Records imprint at the time and the Clan were signed to Loud with contractual clauses allowing them to sign to other labels for work as solo artists.

Advertisement reports that Gee Street’s claim involves several projects RZA has been involved with, including ‘The RZA Hits’, a track from Ghostface Killah’s second album, ‘Supreme Clientele’ and compositions from the movie soundtracks ‘Black and White’ and ‘Ghost Dog: The Way of the Sumurai’.

RZA affiliates Wu-Tang Productions, Sony Music Entertainment and Artisan Pictures are all named in the action.

It is reported that RZA and his co-defendants claim that the copyright to all of the recordings cited are owned by Sony.

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