He releases one album next week and has another ready to roll in the new year...

RZA, whose original soundtrack album RZA as Bobby Digital In Stereo is released on Monday, has told NME that his next album proper – entitled ‘The Cure‘ and scheduled for release on Gee Street next year – will be “a beautiful album, a grown man piece of work”.

Tracks like ‘Flowing Down The River Of Life‘ show the elevated ghetto teacher in RZA, though this higher plane couldn’t be accessed until he’d exorcised his sexist superhero side through Bobby Digital’s anti-PC battle grooves and Prince-oid sexy grinds.

Bobby Digital ‘ is a film written by, directed by and starring RZA and other WU TANG CLAN members and is a collision of comics, 70s Blaxploitation and John Woo-style action. There is no release date confirmed.


After smoking a “blunt” dipped in an elixir for self transformation, RZA starts to hallucinate and creates his alter ego Bobby Digital He has a micro computer concealed in a patch in his eye and supernatural powers.

Meanwhile, the Wu onslaught continues later this month with a new album from METHOD MAN called ‘Tical 2000 Judgement Day‘ and ‘RZA Presents Killah Beez‘.

Read the full RZA feature in this week’s NME on sale now.

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