RZA to make an album based on Atari video games

Diversifying lets Ghostface Killah take over next Wu-Tang Clan album

Wu Tang Clan rapper RZA has signed a deal with Atari to make an album based on their video games.

The album will be inspired by the music from Atari’s video games, and RZA hinted that it will feature several special guests. He said: “I’m so excited to work on these iconic games to deliver what I believe will be one of my best albums. I’m going to invite some of my friends to join me, and it’ll be Game On from the first beat.”

RZA confirmed in May that he’s made an album with [i]Interpol[/a] singer Paul Banks under the name Banks And Steelz. Their debut album ‘Love And War’ is released on August 26.


With RZA busy on other projects, Ghostface Killah has confirmed he will take charge of the next Wu-Tang Clan album. After RZA was listed as sole producer of their most recent albums ‘8 Diagrams’ and ‘A Better Tomorrow’, Ghostface told HipHopDX he would assume control.

Ghostface said: “RZA put the ball in my hand. He said ‘Yo, I want you to do it’ and I’ve been wanting to do it. That’s a big test for me right there.”

RZA’s Atari album isn’t the first time he’s worked with the gaming firm. He did the voiceover on their 2006 game ‘Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure’.


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