RZA joins Russell Crowe on stage at his Australian pub show

The Wu-Tang rapper joined the actor for a new rendition of 'Let Your Light Shine'

RZA recently joined Russell Crowe on stage with his band The Gentlemen Barbers on May 19 at his show in Sydney, Australia.

The Wu-Tang rapper made his surprise appearance at Crowe’s show at The Bridge Hotel in Sydney. They sang a rendition of Crowe’s song ‘Let Your Light Shine’ which was released back in May. The RZA rendition featured an extra verse in which the rapper took over and added his own flare.

Fans took to social media to share their excitement over the surprise performance. One fan commented “That’s incredible! RZA just jumped right in and joined his big bro. I wish I had been there,” while another shared “What a wonderful surprise it was to see him onstage!”


RZA and Crowe have been friends and colleagues for nearly two decades though their work is usually on the big screen. The duo have worked together on 2007’s American Gangster and 2010’s The Next Three Days. Crowe also co-starred in RZA’s 2012 directorial debut, The Man With the Iron Fists. Recently, the two have co-starred together in 2022’s Poker Face, which was written and directed by Crowe.

The Oscar-winning actor and lead vocalist has been touring with a series of special guests as part of his Indoor Garden Party tour. According to the Indoor Garden Party website, the tour is “an event, a band, a happening. It’s fluid. The personnel changes, but it’s always big. It’s like a festival where I gather people I admire, musicians and storytellers, and we put on a show”.

In other news, Rhianna and ASAP Rocky have named their first born after the legendary Wu-Tang rapper. The couple welcomed their son in May last year and have kept his name under wraps ever since, though Rihanna has been seen donning Wu-Tang and RZA clothing multiple times in the past year.

Last month, LA Confidential writer James Ellroy tore into the 1997 film adaptation of his book, calling it “turkey”.


“People love the movie ‘L.A. Confidential,’” Ellroy told the Los Angeles Times . “I think it’s [a] turkey of the highest form,” he continued, before calling the performances by Guy Pearce, Russell Crowe and Kim Basinger “impotent.”

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